What do you miss in ReValver Mk II?

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Post by DarFin » Sun Feb 17, 2008 11:57 am

-Option to disable upper panel (where audio devices, midi devices, user guide links etc. are) Cpu meter could locate in the title module.

-Option to make the title module stay stationary, even when you scroll the rack down.

Maybe these options are already there, I just haven't found them.

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Post by LarsErik » Thu Mar 13, 2008 1:41 pm

For all modules (RIR and I guess the future C-verb) who can be dependent of external files there's often problems when users share presets. Both users might very well have, for example Guitarhacks impulses, but not in the same directory.

So my suggestion is to have an option to do an auto-search in a predefined directory for external files. That way people can organize their impulses however they want and Revalver will help out finding them. (Matching can be done both with filename and/or filechecksum I guess.)


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Post by Elric » Tue Apr 15, 2008 11:21 pm

FrankZappa wrote:
Stug3 wrote:Well, I didn't read all the twenty pages :D and perhaps this was not new, but given Revalver II is able to modify electronic components, why not to allow to change amps and effects skins by the user, or even not only to change them but a way to make brand new ones? If I can make my own amp in Revalver II, it would be natural to make custom skins also, right?

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You can do that already, you just have to change the .xrc file if you want the knobs positioned elswhere, so it requires some hacking skills but all the background images and knob overlays are editable.
No, that's hacking an individual pre-existing amp's skin not creating a skinned custom amp with tweaked ckt parameters. He's talking essentially fully skinned user created custom amp models that can be loaded in addition to the predefined ones in the program. This is the holy grail, IMHO.

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