PVXp: Powered to Unpowered (conversion)

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PVXp: Powered to Unpowered (conversion)

Post by netrecce » Sat Aug 13, 2022 4:56 am

I’m converting my PVXp-15 cabinets from “Powered” to “Unpowered”. Peavey made both powered and unpowered versions, so I was able to find 2 new “unpowered” crossover assemblies for them. These are complete units which include the same large size metal backing plates.

Upon removing the old PVXp -15 power amp assembly, I found a large removable metal box behind it which serves to shield the Amps from the interior of the cabinet. The metal box is as big as the large metal backing plate for the amp assembly and uses the same mounting screws for attachment. But, I am uncertain if I should reuse these large metal shield boxes with the new Unpowered crossover assemblies. Most passive cabinets don't have such things. What do you think?

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