Peavey list of guitars & years made

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Peavey list of guitars & years made

Post by Vegastouch » Wed Jul 13, 2011 1:16 am

From Wikipedia but this is a good list to look up the year your guitar was made and where. A lot of the guitar dates are not listed for whatever reason but its th only one i could find. Bass models, not showing any dates.
Please note any discrepensies if you know of any.
For instance, i have a Peavey Predator AX which on this list says was made in 1995-1996 but using the serial number chart below, my numbers are 0694xxxx which falls in the 1994 catagory. So not sure how that works.


Axcelerator Series
Axcelerator (made in USA 1994-1998)
Axcelerator AX (made in USA 1995-1998)
Axcelerator F (made in USA 1994)
Cropper Classic (made in USA)
Destiny Series
Destiny (made in USA 1989-1994)
Destiny Custom (made in USA 1989-1994)
Detonator Series
Detonator (made in USA)
Detonator AX (made in USA 1995-1998)
Detonator JX (made in USA)
EVH Wolfgang Series (1996–2004)
EVH Wolfgang
EVH Wolfgang Special
Falcon Series
Falcon (made in USA 1986-1988)
Falcon Active (made in USA 1988-1989)
Falcon Classic (made in USA 1988-1990)
Falcon Custom (Kahler tremolo - made in USA 1986-1988)
Falcon Custom (Power Bend II tremolo - made in USA 1989-1991)
Falcon Standard (made in USA 1989-1991)
Firenza Series

Leakesville Firenza in Mahogany burst

Impact Firenza (see Impact Series)
Firenza (made in Leakesville MS, USA 1998-2002)
Firenza AX (made in Leakesville MS, USA 1998-2002)
Firenza JX (made in Leakesville MS, USA 1998-2002)
G-90 (made in USA)
Generation Series
Generation Custom (made in USA 1989-1994)
Generation Custom ACM (made in USA)
Generation Custom EX
Generation EX (made in China)
Generation EXP
Generation EXP ACM (made in Korea)
Generation EXP Custom ACM
Generation S-1 (made in USA 1988-1994)
Generation S-2 (made in USA 1990-1994)
Generation S-3 (made in USA 1991-1994)
Generation Standard (made in USA 1989-1994)
Generation Triple/Single EX (made in China)
Generation Vintage EX (made in China)
Hartley Peavey Signature Series
Hartley Peavey Signature EX
Hartley Peavey Signature EXP (made in Korea)
Hartley Peavey Signature Select
Hartley Peavey Signature USA Custom (made in USA)
Hartley Peavey Special Series
Hartley Peavey Special CT USA (made in USA)
Hartley Peavey Special EX
Hartley Peavey Special USA (made in USA)
Horizon Series
Horizon (made in USA 1983-1986)
Horizon II (made in USA 1983-1986)
Horizon II Custom (made in USA 1984-1985)
Hydra Series
Hydra (made in USA)
Jeff Cook Signature Model(made in USA)
Impact Series
Impact 1 (made in USA 1985-1987) totally different model 90's
Impact 1 Unity (made in USA 1987-1989)
Impact 2 (made in USA 1985-1987) totally different model 90's
Impact Firenza (made in USA)
Impact Firenza AX (made in USA)
Impact Milano (made in USA)
Impact Torino I (made in USA)
Impact Torino II (made in USA)
Jack Daniel's Series
Jack Daniel's EX
Jack Daniel's EXP
Jack Daniel's USA (made in USA)
Jazz Fusion Series
JF-1 EXP (made in China)EX on guitar
JF-2 EXP (made in China)
Limited Series
Limited HB (made in Leakesville MS, USA)
Limited ST (made in Leakesville MS, USA)
Limited VT (made in Leakesville MS, USA)
Limited STD (made in Leaksville MS,USA)
Mantis Series
Mantis (made in USA 1984-1986)
Mantis LT (made in USA)
Milestone Series
Milestone (made in USA 1983-1986)
Milestone 12-string (made in USA 1983-1986)
Mystic (made in USA 1983-1986)
Nitro Series
Nitro I (made in USA 1986-1989)
Nitro I Active (made in USA 1988-1990)
Nitro I Custom (made in USA 1987-1989)
Nitro II (made in USA 1987-1989)
Nitro III (made in USA 1987-1989)
Nitro III Custom (made in USA 1987-1989)
Nitro Limited (made in USA 1987-1990)
Nitro C-2 (made in USA 1990-1992)
Nitro C-3 (made in USA 1990-1992)
Odyssey Series
Odyssey (made in USA 1990-1994)
Odyssey 25th Anniversary (made in USA 1990-1994) 250 total
Odyssey Custom (made in USA 1990-1994)
Omniac JD USA (made in USA 2006-2009)
Patriot Series
Patriot (made in USA 1983-1986)
Patriot Plus (made in USA 1983-1986)
Predator Series
Predator (Kahler Flyer tremolo made in USA 1985-1988)
Predator (Power Bend tremolo made in USA)
Predator AX (made in USA 1995-1996)
Predator Plus (rosewood fingerboard version made in Korea and Vietnam)
Predator Plus (maple fingerboard version made in Vietnam only)
Predator Plus EXP (made in Korea and Indonesia)
Predator Plus HB (made in Korea)
PXD Series
PXD Tomb
PXD Tragic
PXD Twenty-Three
PXD Vicious
Raptor Series
Raptor I
Raptor II
Raptor III
Raptor Plus (made in Korea and China)
Raptor Plus EXP (made in Korea)
Raptor Plus TK (made in Korea)
Raptor Special
Razer (made in USA 1983-1986)
Reactor Series
Reactor (made in USA)
Reactor AX (made in USA 1995-1999)
Rotor Series
Rotor EX
Rotor EXP (bolt neck - made in Korea)
Rotor EXP (set neck - made in Korea)
Rotor EXP (locking tremolo - made in Indonesia)
Rotor EXP Limited (set neck - made in Korea)
Rotor Special (single pickup)
SC Series
T-15 (made in USA 1982-1983)
T-25 (made in USA 1982-1983)
T-25 Special (made in USA 1982-1983)
T-26 (made in USA 1982-1983)
T-27 (made in USA 1982-1983)
T-27 Limited (made in USA 1982-1983)
T-30 (made in USA 1981-1983)
T-60 (made in USA 1978-1986)
Tracer Series
Tracer (Power Bend tremolo) (made in USA 1988-1994)
Tracer (Floyd Rose tremolo) (made in USA 1991-1994)
Tracer Custom (made in USA 1989-1990)
Tracer Custom '89 (made in USA 1989-1991)
Tracer Deluxe (made in USA 1988-1990)
Tracer Deluxe '89 (made in USA 1989-1991)
Tracer LT (made in USA 1991-1994)
Tracer II (made in USA 1989-1990)
Tracer II '89 (made in USA 1989-1991)
V-Type Series
V-Type EXP
Vortex Series
Vortex 1 (made in USA 1985-1986)
Vortex 2 (made in USA 1985-1986)
Vortex EX
Vandenberg (made in USA)

Bass guitars
A Peavey Millennium BXP

Axcelerator Series (made in USA)
4 String
5 String
6 String
BXP Series (made in Vietnam)
Cirrus Series (made in USA)
4 String
5 String
6 String
Dyna-Bass Series (made in USA)
4 String
5 String
Foundation Series (made in USA)
Foundation 4 String
Foundation 5 String
Foundation 2000
Fury Series (made in Korea/USA)
4 String (discontinued)
5 String (discontinued)
6 String (discontinued)
Grind Series (made in Vietnam/China)
4 String
5 String
6 String
Jack Daniel's USA
Milestone Series (made in Korea)
4 String
5 String
Millennium & Millennium Plus USA
4 String JJ
5 String JJ
4 String J/MM
5 String J/MM
Millennium International Series (made in Korea or Indonesia)
4 String Passive (pictured)
4 String Active
5 String Passive
5 String Active
Patriot (made in USA - discontinued)
T-Series (made in USA)
T-20 (discontinued)
T-40 (1978)(discontinued)
T-45 (discontinued)
Unity Series
Zodiac Series
Zodiac BXP (discontinued)
Zodiac DE Scorpio (discontinued)

Acoustic guitars

Briarwood DR Series
Briarwood CL-1
Briarwood DR-1
Briarwood DR-112
Briarwood DR-2ER
Briarwood DR-3ER CDS
Briarwood DR-3ERS
Briarwood DR-4CA EQ
Briarwood DR-4CA WR EQ
Briarwood DR-5CA EQ QT
Briarwood FL-1
Ecoustic Series
Ecoustic (made in USA)
Ecoustic ATS (made in USA)
Jack Daniel's Series
Jack Daniel's JD-AG1
Jack Daniel's JD-AG2
Jack Daniel's JD-AG3

Serial numbers

Serial numbers correlate to shipping dates of US models only. 1978 to 1995. Imports designated by EX, EXP, or BXP are not serialized by year. For more recent US serial numbers, please contact Peavey Customer Service.

8Mxxxxxx ............................................1978
0000xxxx t/m 0030xxxx ........................1978
0031xxxx t/m 0047xxxx ........................1979
0048xxxx t/m 0065xxxx ........................1980
0066xxxx t/m 0099xxxx ........................1981
0100xxxx t/m 0129xxxx ........................1982
0130xxxx t/m 0169xxxx ........................1983
0170xxxx t/m 0199xxxx ........................1984
0200xxxx t/m 0239xxxx ........................1985
0240xxxx t/m 0259xxxx ........................1986
0260xxxx t/m 0339xxxx ........................1987
0340xxxx t/m 0359xxxx ........................1988
0360xxxx t/m 0419xxxx ........................1989
0420xxxx t/m 0439xxxx ........................1990
0440xxxx t/m 0519xxxx ........................1991
0520xxxx t/m 0599xxxx ........................1992
0600xxxx t/m 0639xxxx ........................1993
0640xxxx t/m 0769xxxx ........................1994
0770xxxx >>.........................................1995

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Re: Peavey list of guitars & years made

Post by Classic30inCincy » Fri Jul 15, 2011 3:57 pm

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Re: Peavey list of guitars & years made

Post by GennyFan » Sat Jul 16, 2011 7:16 am

I updated some of the Generation and Firenza information on the Peavey Guitar Wikipedia page, but unfortunately, other people have come in and made edits that don't make sense. For example, the Impact Series section is now pretty confusing.

It's also tough because for whatever reason, Peavey doesn't seem to see any value in having accurate information out there for their older stuff, and Wikipedia's moderators/editors seem very anti-Peavey.

When I tried to start a Wikipedia page about the history of the Bandit amplifier, it got deleted as "advertising". For some reason, Mesa Boogie, Marshall, and Fender amps are all allowed to have their own Wikipages, but not Peaveys...

Oh well... It's not my battle. I don't have the time or energy for that stuff, especially if Peavey isn't willing to commit any resources to it. If/when Peavey decides to commit some resources to insuring that the information about their company and products is correct and accurate, let me know and I'll be happy to help out. :idea:

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Re: Peavey list of guitars & years made

Post by rucademoura » Mon Aug 22, 2011 4:44 pm

Peavey Vandenberg 4685 serial number. Is it possible to Know color and year made? Thank you!

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Re: Peavey list of guitars & years made

Post by HotRodRox » Fri Aug 18, 2017 12:52 pm

The list is missing some info.
Patriot Series
Patriot (made in USA 1983-1986)
Patriot Plus (made in USA 1983-1986)
I have an '89 Patriot (0370 serial). It was a special edition, Single pickup version, no pickguard, available only in Satin Red, or Satin Black. The headstock is slightly different in shape, and is missing the border pinstripe, like the earlier Patriot had. I'd post pics, but don't use image hosting...

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Re: Peavey list of guitars & years made

Post by poorhoward » Tue Jun 30, 2020 11:34 pm

hi guys. i've looked on wikipedia but still can't find my peavey predator serial number listed. it seems from the 90s and is american manufactured so puzzled as to why it's not there. was wondering if anyone could help! the serial number is: 05866894

thank you! ... w&id=18849
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Re: Peavey list of guitars & years made

Post by tele twister » Wed Jul 01, 2020 7:05 pm

That's about a late 1992, using the list above

0520xxxx t/m 0599xxxx ........................1992

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