Ethernet Network Control Setup

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Ethernet Network Control Setup

Post by stuff82s » Fri Sep 11, 2009 2:39 pm

I have a VSX26 which I love but wanted more input/output control along with the remote wireless control via laptop.

Enter the Digitool purchase, However I can only seem to control the unit via serial cable. I have a Netgear Wireless G Router and a Dell XP laptop. How do I go about setting up a network. I have read the manuals and tried the internal help topic but just do not seem to grasp the concept yet.

I have awireless G laptop card which finds the router. I have the cat5 cable hooked into the port on the digitool but get no response from the unit.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Mike C

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Re: Ethernet Network Control Setup

Post by JoshM » Fri Mar 30, 2012 6:23 pm

stuff82s wrote:I have the cat5 cable hooked into the port on the digitool but get no response from the unit.
I think I talked to you on the phone at some point...

Even though I know everyone in this forum already knows this :wink: I'm going to mention it anyway for the general public who may not be as up to speed as everyone who posts here.

The Digitool MX does not have an Ethernet port on it. Those 8p8c (RJ-45) connectors on the back are for the EIA-485 communications to allow the remote volume controls to connect. That is why is says "RS-485" above the connectors.

If you want to control your Digitool MX from your computer from across the network somewhere, you are going to need an RS-232 Serial Server to allow the serial link between your computer and the Digitool MX. There are several really good options available to you from the industrial automation marketplace. Generally speaking, I've had fantastic success with products from both Lantronix and MOXA. I would highly recommend the MOXA NPort series.

Thank you, and good luck!
Josh Millward
Danley Sound Labs
Burnt Orange Studios

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