Xport signal issue

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Xport signal issue

Post by ViktorJHoel » Sat Jul 28, 2018 12:22 pm


I recently found out there is some kind of a signal issue when I use my Peavey Xport. No matter what guitar I use, or how much time I spend EQ-ing, when I play power chords, the lower root note almost entirely kills off the second one, so it does not sound like a power chord, but instead it sounds like a wall of noise, especially when I use heavy distortion sounds from for example Amplitube or Bias FX. Does anyone know what to do so the tonal frequencies don't overkill each other? I tried Schecter, Jackson, ESP, BC Rich, Fender guitars. I tried everything I could with knobs and switches and EQs and noise gates, but I just can't get any natural sound. I used Logic Pro on my mac, but I tried and heard that FL Studio on my Win7 has slightly better recognition. I also tried changing Sample rate up and down but there is no real difference (only for single notes ofc). The higher I play, the better it gets. The real problem starts on D, A, E strings. And ofc the more strings I play at once the worse it sounds. Full chords sound crappy even with clean presets.

Thanks in advance for any advice given.

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