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cant activate revalver MK II

Posted: Mon May 11, 2015 8:35 am
by jimboshred
I am having a problem activating revolver mk 2 as I now have a new laptop, I have entered the serial number and it tries to takes me on-line to the alien
Which does not exist now as peavey now own revolver, I have got my details which I have added below
Please could you help me to activate revalver mk 2 it will be most appreciated , i will probably update to 4 in a while
james pirie
email: [email protected]

these are the instructions revolver mk 2 gave me

Activation instructions

Please save or print this text file and bring it to a computer
which is connected to the Internet. To complete the activation procedure
you will have to go to a web site on the Internet.

Please go to this web site:
Enter the serial number:
Enter the hardware key: 1 146 MzY3Y2QxZTc=

The serial number contains numbers only. The hardware key contains letters,
numbers and possibly an equality sign at the end.

On the specified web site you can download your license so that you can save it
on CD-R, a USB stick, diskette or something similarly portable.

Re: cant activate revalver MK II

Posted: Mon May 11, 2015 9:19 am
by Kevin Boudloche
Peavey owns the website and it is still operational, just tested it myself.

You can also try at for good measure.