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Revalver 3.5 wont assign midi from Rig Kontrol 3

Posted: Sat Nov 02, 2013 6:37 am
by UltraSonique

Can anyone help with my issue. I have a Rig Kontrol 3, all fully functional and working great with GR5, Amplitube 3 and Pod Farm 2.5. Audio interface working with Revalver 3.5, however can't assign any pedal switches to any effects etc. RK 3 is assigned as midi device, but getting error 10000 message upon looking for midi device. Does RV 3.5 accept midi over USB, or only from a midi port?
RK3 sends midi over USB, but not from it's in/out port, where it only acts as a midi interface. Seems very limiting not to accept midi over USB, as many pedal units nowadays are going the way of interface/controller in one.
RK3 is fully assignable, cc numbers for each switch can be changed via controller editor to not only utilize learn functions within any software, but to be mappable to any existing midi map.
Why does such a great amp modeling software still not recognize midi over USB?

Post Edit:
After much research and trial and error, I have ascertained that the entire issue is with Revalver's inability to receive MIDI through (or over USB as they say).
This is a huge downfall nowadays as many guitarists are moving towards interface/controller in one units. Such a shame as Revalver really is one of the best modelling suites out there, apart from the obvious lack of Audio and MIDI UI control options. I just cant justify $300 for another MIDI foot controller to run through a MIDI interface (which RK 3 also functions as) when Guitar Rig 5, Amplitube 3, Pod Farm 2.5 and Overloud TH2, all support midi through from the Rig Kontrol 3 platform.
Perhaps a thought for Revalver 4 guys...If you stay on the dinosaur MIDI implementation road, you will be swallowed up by the T-Rex's of the modelling world. Heck you don't even provide a sequencer of any kind in the software. Sometimes some of us just want to plug in and record a quick guitar track without opening our DAW. All above mentioned other softwares at least provide a tape recorder...some even a quite good full 4 track.