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Mac OSX Lion activation problems

Posted: Wed Aug 03, 2011 10:48 am
by Michael Ljunggren
It has come to my attention that there may or may not be an activation issue with ReValver under OSX Lion. I'll have to dig deeper into this; it may not be Lion after all. Stay tuned.

In case the activation tool fails and complains about the creation of a certain file called "DO_NOT_REMOVE_THIS_FILE.txt" you may easily create it yourself. The issue may be that of file permissions.
  • Please open the Finder app
  • You may have to create a sub folder under the /Library/Application Support folder which must be called
    "awxLicenseManager". In this folder you must create a file called DO_NOT_REMOVE_THIS_FILE.txt
    but you need not fill it with any contents, or you may fill it with garbage if you want.
  • In other words, you should end up with THIS FILE:
    /Library/Application Support/awxLicenseManager/DO_NOT_REMOVE_THIS_FILE.txt