New ReValver Mk II bugfix beta

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New ReValver Mk II bugfix beta

Post by ReValver News » Sat Nov 17, 2007 9:46 am

A new bug-fix version of ReValver Mk II is now available on the download site of this web site. It covers issues such as:

* Added option to disable automation
* Tuner enhancements
* "Misfiring" knob movements in certain VST hosts in combination with certain modules.
* Will now load under Cubase 4 under Mac. (Some graphical issues remain.)
* Digital Performer: Fixed "Bounce to Disk" issue
* Fixes performance problem in Reaper, where moving a knob would chop up the audio.

This version is a beta version. Please note that it has the build date 07.10.24.

This beta version will function happily with your current license.

The new graphics that was initially promised for this version will not be available in this release. It was considered a too big change to the program and would increase the download size with 12 Mb. The new graphics will be available in the next major update of the program.