Someone can help me .. REvalver 4 producers pack ?

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Someone can help me .. REvalver 4 producers pack ?

Post by Segomil » Sun Jan 13, 2019 11:24 am

I still not have my producers pack, even with a session with José on Teamviewer
Yet, he said : everything will be fine now
But it's still the same demo that i have & the producers pack is invisible :

1) My REvalver 4 is the free downloaded software that anyone can have free (still the same even after the payment 249$/99$ ???)
2) Message on Amp Store : there were 24 items already up to date ***that were not downloaded*** is this is the producers pack ? ... ***there is no downloaded process****
3) On my account this is what appear :
*there is no transaction associated with your account
4) i sent 2 email to the custommer service & this to have a refund ...with no respond !
Am i stupid ?

the producers pack included :
3rd party plugin (VST, AU), Michael ACM 900, LP Std Input ACT library, Brazilian Nylon Input ACT library, S-Caster Input ACT library, Again Delay, Analog Flanger, Basic 100, BluesMaker '62, Budda SD 18 II, Budda Superdrive V20, Budda Bud Wah, 1960A 4x12, 6505 4X12, BluesMaker 2x12 open back, Budda V20 1x12 open back, California Twin 2x12, Classic 4x12, Delta Blues 1x15, Delta Blues 2x10, Flathill 4x12, Fox AC30 2x12 open back, Järnmalm 4x12 cab, 6505 Prototype 4X12, Redhot PPC212, Redhot PPC412, CE-Guitar Chorus Pedal, C-verb, Digital Flanger, Flathill Dual, Fox AC30, Greener TS808, Herr Demon, Käften, M104 Analog Delay, PRESSOR, Peavey 3120, Peavey 6505, Peavey 6505+, Peavey Classic 30, Peavey Masterpiece 50, Peavey Sensation 20, Peavey XXX II, Redhot AD30TC, RIR cabinet modeler, RIR2, Sher'ff, Slammer compressor, Square-Phase, Treble Booster, Wham!, World-Wide-Verb

Why these things are still in ademo mode ?

Someone can help me ?

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Re: Someone can help me .. REvalver 4 producers pack ?

Post by Kevin Boudloche » Mon Jan 14, 2019 10:42 am

We can't openly discuss the details of your account here on the public forum.

The problem you are having is due to purchasing the Producer Pack with one email address containing a typo and then registering Revalver 4 with your real email address. I've corrected the issue and you should now be able access the modules of the Producer Pack after using the amp store tool within Revalver 4 to re-download your license.
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