Garageband 10.2 hiding Revalver????

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Garageband 10.2 hiding Revalver????

Post by scottguitar » Mon Apr 30, 2018 8:41 pm

Hey, so I'm having a small problem with my Mac and Revalver 3.5.

Currently using a MacBook Pro running El Capitan, running GarageBand 10.2
Here's my issue: although it shows that it has installed the program and I can run Revalver on its own, I still cannot seem to find the plug-in in GarageBand.

After clearing the cache and reinstalling and restarting the program I still cannot find it. Does Apple not like Peavey?? :shock:

I'm hoping someone else's had this issue with GarageBand and has a work around? It sounds great on its own, but I'd love to have Revalver in my GB. Any help would be huge!!!!!!

old school dude
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Re: Garageband 10.2 hiding Revalver????

Post by old school dude » Sun Aug 12, 2018 9:01 am

I had the same issues with RevValver HPse on OSX 10.12

I downloaded ReValver 4 and installed, both VST and AU are now working fine. That means Logic & Garageband will now load the plugin

bit late but hope it helps you

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