Peavey ReValver 4 - ACT Combo and ACT Rack released!

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Peavey ReValver 4 - ACT Combo and ACT Rack released!

Post by Jose Luiz » Tue Jul 26, 2016 4:52 am


We are very pleased to announce that Peavey released the long anticipated ACT Combo, a ReValver 4 add-on module capable of analyzing the
gain/distortion and frequency content of a guitar amplifier recording and then replicating the analyzed sound as an amplifier/ cab combo simulation.

Here's a video that displays ACT Combo in action:

In addition, Peavey also released ACT Rack, a smart EQ cloning/matching module, suitable for both instruments and mixes

Check this video to see ACT Rack in action:


Both modules are available at the Amp Store:

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