Importing and exporting presets & banks

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Importing and exporting presets & banks

Post by Michael Ljunggren » Fri Jan 13, 2012 3:46 pm

Some people have asked questions about importing and exporting presets to/from ReValver. Although not a complex task some questions about it may remain unanswered in the user guide.

No edition can load or save presets that originate from another edition. For example, ReValver HP can only import presets that where exported from HP. Mk III.V can only import from Mk III.V etc... There are too many differences between the ReValver editions to assume that presets can be shared between editions.

Needless to say, ReValver cannot import presets that originate from other products altogether.

As "saving" presets is a feature not available if you don't have a license, neither importing nor exporting presets is possible without a license.

How to import or export?

The button rows associated with Banks & Presets are enabled only if you have a license. The buttons marked "Exp." and "Imp." respectively means Export & Import. Pressing either of them brings up a file / folder selector. Later versions of ReValver will only recognize your HOME folder. If you wish to import presets from the Internet you must first download them somewhere into the HOME folder, (for example the Desktop) and them import them from there. It is not necessary to keep the preset files downloaded from the Internet after importing them into ReValver.

All presets & banks available in any one instance of ReValver are automatically available for all (Standalone, VST, AU, RTAS etc...) You may want to restart other instances of ReValver to make sure they appear properly everywhere.

Here's a tip when exporting a bank: Press and hold SHIFT when pressing "Exp", and all presets in that bank will be saved as individual presets, not in one bank file.
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