New version of all ReValver editions out (Build 11.07.17)

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New version of all ReValver editions out (Build 11.07.17)

Post by Michael Ljunggren » Thu Jul 21, 2011 7:55 am

EDIT: Mac links updated to Build 12.03.26. It fixes the Lion activation issue. The Windows links are still Build 11.07.17.

The new version of ReValver contains a few changes:

* Windows, particularly Vista, Win7: Permission changes, allowing normal operation for all user accounts, not just administrator. This will also fix the odd issue of having either the plug-in version but not the Standalone being activated (or vice versa.)
* A new setting in the Options window allowing for one-time log file creation.
* Mac: Apple Logic 9 has previously incorrectly labeled ReValver as "incompatible". Please install this update and rescan Apple Logic and ReValver will appear compatible.
* Added support for audio interfaces with less than 2 input channels. (For example the Apogee One)
* Many small improvements.

This version is not a preview. It will not expire. Please install over current installation and the license will be kept. There is no need to activate your program again.

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Re: New version of all ReValver editions out (Build 11.07.17

Post by Jose Luiz » Thu Sep 26, 2013 8:50 am

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