Digitool MX with D1V wall controller: default level?

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Digitool MX with D1V wall controller: default level?

Post by dbsoundman » Mon Jan 16, 2017 11:07 am

Hi all, I'm working with a Digitool MX and I'd like to add two D1V wall controllers to go with it. I understand generally how to program the Digitool using the software utility, but I did have one question: how can I set the default level for a given function with the D1V? For example, I have 3 stereo sources, and 2 stereo output mixes. Each output mix has its own D1V to control which of the 3 stereo sources should be active, and at what level. (Unfortunately I can't use presets in this case.) I would like the matrix mixes to all default to -126 dB at system startup, so when the user selects the source they want to hear, they can then turn the rotary control up on the D1V until they reach the desired level. I do realize that this will then require them to turn the rotary control all the way back down before they switch sources, otherwise they'll listen to both at the same time. What I don't know is if I should set the "route level" to be -126 dB by default in the editor, then use the serial control (D1V) to increase that level, or if the "route level" is not changeable by the D1V.

In short: how do I set up the Digitool such that all the sources are at their lowest levels (not muted, but not audible) by default?


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