D1V Controllers flakey operation with MX16

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D1V Controllers flakey operation with MX16

Post by ben_carson » Wed Jan 08, 2014 2:40 pm

Have installed the old Digitool on a number of projects and have never had these issues as witnessed on the new MX16.

The RS485 communication via D1V rotary knobs are not operating up to par and resulting in complaints from the customer. Often the knobs have to woken up (by means of turning full off and back up again at least once) to adjust source volume. Customer has new staff every year and they might not know to do this, nor should they.

Occaisionly a source input will just flat out stop working and have to be readdressed in programming, which brings us to the next issue. When connected via the GUI - associated serial control the programming is configured properly as it was left even though the functionality is unresponisve. What seems to resolve the issue is simply changing a value by .5 db. Sometimes after exiting programming, disconnecting laptop and exit edit mode the odd input on rotary will not be working how it just was and have to repeat the process - test in edit mode and test again afterwards. This process is frustrating and time consuming.

I've updated the firmware to 1.51 and not sure if this really helped at all. Also the Digitool reads Firmware 1.51 but the GUI still reads 1.11. Whats going on there?

Any insight would be great. We spec'd a Digitool for an emergency response RFP but certainly wouldn't want peoples lives at risk due to flakey respsonsiveness of this unit.

Also does the old flash utility work with these units even though lacking the DB9 connection?

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