IP-six channel question

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IP-six channel question

Post by tonyg70 » Fri Jun 03, 2011 2:29 pm

One of the IP-Six Amp that is used at our church has two monitors (one per channel)
lately Channel A (monitor on this channel) drops in volume and cuts off completely. At first I thought it was the speaker or the channel A cable but, I have tested the cable by simply swapping channels and B continues to work as it should.

I have read up on the thermal protection and air ventilation/cooling requirements - because this unit is located inside a portable wooden rack with the mixer and other units inside the sanctuary(in an open area) - One of the sound individual was concern about the air flow - there is a door on the back of the rack and a glass door in the front. Should this be an issue?

Would the protection mechanism only protect one channel if needed (even though I would think that if it were an air flow issue both channels would be affected) or is it designed to shutdown both channels.

Thank you.

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