aA bargain on ebay?

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aA bargain on ebay?

Post by ItsOnlyMe » Mon Oct 26, 2020 12:46 am

Hi new to the forums...... been trying to track down a low priced Vypyr on ebay and a few other sites ..came across a VIP3 100 that was stuck in some kind of heavy distortion channel but hidden in description was a working Sanpera 2! bidding was at 10.50 GBP

so i made what i thought was a sensible bid, guy selling sounded genuine he said he had tried factory reset with no luck.

Anyway i won the item ..got it home tried a reset and nothing stuck in distortion channel, so i downloaded the installerV3.01 and the 162 from peavey site and tried that for firmware update ... nothing theni found a link here to updater V2.61 ...pc reported it was doing something for 20 hours i left it going .. eventually decided it was not working ... kept reporting i had a VIP 1 and firmware 161

Turned everything off .. waited and turned back on ..EVERYTHING WORKING VIP3 with firmware 162

price paid at end of auction GBP 12.50 !!! guessing i got lucky

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Re: aA bargain on ebay?

Post by Bud977 » Mon Oct 26, 2020 3:35 pm

What a bargain!

I think I got lucky with one as well. A Vypyr3 with the same Sampera2 footpedal for A$120. I already had a Vypyr1, so I would have been happy to pay the asking price just for the Sampera2.

It has a fault where only half (LH) of the display on the amp is working. Everything else is fine. I did a factory re-set but nothing changed. You can see the settings on the footpedal anyway. One day I'll think about fixing it. is it possible to fix the display?

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