Vypyr Edit Software FAQs, Known Issues, and Bug Reporting

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Vypyr Edit Software FAQs, Known Issues, and Bug Reporting

Post by Matt_Peavey » Thu Aug 22, 2013 12:13 pm


- Where can I get the newest firmware for my Vypyr VIP?
The latest firmware can always be found at http://peavey.com/support/software/

- Why can't I select all of the amps with some of the instrument models?
This is due to a feature called DEMO MODE. To turn this off, go to FILE > DEMO MODE > TOGGLE. This will allow all of the amp models to be used with each instrument model.

- Can I use a preset created with a Vypyr VIP 3 on a Vypyr VIP 1?
Presets are specific to the model of VIP. Additional features on each amplifier allow for customization options that would effect the preset's overall sound.

Known Issues

- Using a "*" character in the preset name will only let the preset be saved as a text file.
- It has been seen that sometimes a VIP 1 is slow to return midi when app is first used. This will cause the app to load before the amp has returned its data. You may have to restart the app before the amp and app are synced.
- Only when you exit via the "File/Exit" menu will the app prompt you to save the preset, if it has been changed. Simply clicking the "X" exit box will allow you to exit without saving.
- Sanpera will not control functions in the Vypyr Edit software (Expected in future Firmware update)
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