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Vypyr Tips/Tricks/FAQ- READ THIS FIRST!

Posted: Fri Oct 24, 2008 11:13 am
by Roger Crimm
Here is the owner's manual and some information that isn't in the manual:

You can disable the “light show” by holding down the preset 3 and 4 buttons during power up.

To re-enable the light show, just reset the amp by holding down preset 3 and 4 buttons again.


There is an editor that allows updates to the software code via MIDI.

You can determine the software code that exists on your amplifier by holding down preset buttons 1 and 4 during power up. The unit will display LED around the first three encoders. The position of the LED relates to a number, with the “top left” led being zero. The numbers proceed clockwise around the encoder.
For example, on the stompbox encoder "TubeScrm" is 0 and "Bypass" is 1 and so forth.
Likewise on the amp encoder "DZL" is 0 and "TWN" is 1 and so forth around the encoder.
On the effects encoder, “Tremolo” is 0 and “Bypass” is 1.

So, if you have Bypass, DZL, Octaver, you have code 1.0.2, which is the current version (EDIT: Current version is now 1.5.9....RC) .


If you have your guitar plugged into the amp before power up (there is actually a switch in the jack input to let the amp know when a cable is plugged in) it occasionally locks up and doesn't boot properly. The fix is simply to turn the amp off and back on again. OR, just unplug the guitar before you power up and this should not happen at all.

This may be due to a software bug, so make sure that you have the latest software version in your amplifier. The latest code resolves many issues with the amp, along with improvements to the noise floor, gate and EQ.

You can find detailed instructions, at this link:

If you still have problems after the update, the amp will need to taken to an Authorized Service Center for service (see below).


When you turn on a Vypyr, you hear a few seconds of hiss/noise if the amp volume is turned up. Again, this is not an electronic problem. What you are hearing is due to the noise gate(s) initializing. Whether or not a software fix or improvement is on the way for this, is yet to be determined. We should be able to minimize or eliminate it down the road. For now, this is just the way they are. It doesn’t happen if the guitar is already plugged in.

Re: Vypyr Tips/Tricks/FAQ Part II

Posted: Fri Oct 24, 2008 11:16 am
by Roger Crimm
If the volume controls seem a little too sensitive at low settings, try turning down the post gain. Most of the factory presets have it maxed for some reason. I have found that turning the post gain down gives you more play on the Power Sponge control, and smooths out the volume transition.


The Power Sponge on the Vypyr lets you dial in the actual output power of the amp. You can dial in any output level from 10% to full power. Power Sponge is NOT a master volume, but changes the output of the amp to react exactly as an amp of the rated power would. When this control is set to lower settings, the power compression similar to a tube amplifier will be more pronounced.

Note that the power rating of any amplifier is measured at full, clean power. This means that the Power Sponge effect will be more pronounced when the post gain/volume controls are at higher settings. If the levels are turned way down, you will hear little or no effect from the Power Sponge.

Keep in mind that volume vs power is not a linear effect. Half the power, means a volume decrease of ~3dB. That is just barely noticeable to most people. To get a perceived reduction of volume by half, you have to reduce power to 10%. So 10 watts, is about half as loud as 100 watts…at full power. If you aren’t pushing the amplifier to near full power, the Power Sponge won’t have much noticeable affect. A 10 watt amplifier cranked, is still darned loud. If you have the levels about off, and the amp is still too loud, the best solution might be headphones. It would be worth a try at least.

Re: MIDI Implimentation Chart

Posted: Tue Nov 04, 2008 4:07 pm
by MidiMan
The Vypyr will respond to basic MIDI commands. There is an implementation list that is not ready for prime time (more of a lab doc), but I can summarize my understanding of the likely candidates for control. ("Let me explain ... no there is too much ... let me sum up.")

- Program change 0-11 will recall the 12 front panel presets
- CC#7 will control volume
- CC#6 will control wah/pitch
- CC#5 will turn wah/pitch function on and off (enabling CC#6, basically).

I hope that helps.

Re: MIDI Implimentation Chart

Posted: Mon Dec 08, 2008 2:24 pm
by MidiMan
It would be nice to see effects on/off included in the imp. I'll have ask and see if it can be added.

I do have a few extras to add to the chart (footswitch commands at bottom). As of right now, this seems to be what you can do with generic MIDI:

Program change (0xC0 ##):
0-11 to recall the 12 front panel presets [e.g. C0 09 for 10th preset - C2]

Continuous Controllers (0xB0 ## val):
#7 - volume control (0-127) [e.g. B0 07 7F for full volume]
#6 - wah / whammy control (0-127)
#5 - on/off for wah / whammy (0 for off or 127 for on)

Footswitch commands (note on for press - 0x90 ## 0x7F, note off for release - 0x90 ## 0x00):
#11 (0x0B) - Tap Tempo for the delay (note on only, off is ignored)
#00 (0x00) - Looper record/play
#02 (0x02) - Looper stop/hold reset
#21 (0x15) - Tuner Enter / Exit (note on only, note off is ignored)

If Your Vypyr Does Not Function Properly

Posted: Wed Mar 11, 2009 3:46 pm
by Roger Crimm
First, make sure that you have the latest software version in your amplifier. The latest code resolves many issues with the amp, along with improvements to the noise floor, gate and EQ.

You can find detailed instructions, at this link:

If you still have problems after the update, the amp will need to taken to an Authorized Service Center for service.

Usually, the best option to obtain service is through the selling dealer.

If this is not possible, and you need assistance finding a service center or dealer, you can use the Dealer/Service Center Locator here:

Select “Peavey Service Center” on the drop down menu.

You can also return it to the factory for service. The address is:

Peavey Service Center
412 Hwy 11-80 East
Meridian, MS 39301
Attn: Repair

* Please be sure to specify ATTN: REPAIR on any packages or labels. Include a note with a description of the problem. No RA is required.

If we can be of further assistance, you can call Peavey Customer Service (toll free in the US) @ 1-877-732-8391.

Outside of the US and Canada, please contact your local Peavey Distributor for assistance.

Common User Errors Reported As Problems

Posted: Tue Mar 17, 2009 4:43 pm
by Roger Crimm
The "CD" included with my Vypyr will not play.

The Vypyr Owner’s Manual disc included with your Vypyr amplifier is a data disc in DVD format. There are no video or movie files on it, so it will not "play" on a DVD or CD player or drive.

It contains a PDF file of the owner’s manual, along with demo versions of our Revalver HP software and the Reaper recording software. It can be opened on a computer with a DVD drive, by clicking "My Computer" and opening the various files.

My Vypyr/Sanpera will not stay on banks B or C when I select them.

After you change banks, you also have to then select a preset. The amp will wait a few seconds for you to select a preset once you change banks. If you do not, it will revert back to the previous setting. By my count, you have about three seconds to select a preset or it will change back to the previous bank.

My Sanpera expression pedal will not switch to aux mode.

You aren't trying hard enough. It takes some pressure to switch the pedal to aux mode. This is intentional, to prevent accidental switching while using the pedal. The amount of force can be adjusted if you wish, by adjusting a screw inside the pedal.

The adjustment screw is mounted on a paddle underneath the pedal, which allows switch actuation without breaking the switch if you press too hard. To access it, you have to remove the bottom of the pedalboard.

Adjust it by backing it out a little, and then test it to see if it works better. Make small adjustments! It shouldn’t take more than a turn or so. To test, put the bottom cover back in place without screws and try the pedal for proper switch actuation.

Note: Be sure and test with the Sanpera on a hard surface, not soft carpet. Carpet may cause the pedal to seem harder to switch, since the pedal board may sink in rather than allowing the switch to engage.

Re: Vypyr/Sanpera II Preset List

Posted: Wed Sep 09, 2009 9:30 am
by Roger Crimm
Here are all current presets for the Vypyr when used with the Sanpera II, in detail.

There are 72 factory presets (12 "standard" presets accessible from the front panel, plus an additional 60 accessible through the Sanpera). After that, the same 72 are repeated.

The code won't allow an "empty" preset, so the factory presets just repeat over and over. You can overwrite them to save your own sounds.

Cab/Voicing Swaps

Posted: Fri Sep 18, 2009 2:59 pm
by Roger Crimm
Software version 1.58 or later of the first generation Vypyr (Not VIP!) will allow cab/eq swaps. To do the swaps, hold down one of the preset buttons when powering up. The choices are:

1. Default voicing
2. Darker voicing on all models
3. Brighter voicing on all models
4. Brighter for the 60W, 120W and 100W. Darker on the Head, 30W and 75W models.

How To Get A Clean Patch

Posted: Tue Dec 01, 2009 10:30 am
by Roger Crimm
To start, power up the amp and set the stompboxes and effects controls to “bypass”. Select one of the amp models with the amp control. Pressing the amp control will toggle between red (distorted amp model) and green (clean amp model).

Having done this, you will still notice reverb and delay in the sound. This is because the reverb and delay are GLOBAL effects, meaning they affect all models.

To turn off the global reverb and delay, enter edit mode by pressing either the stompboxes or effects control once. You should see the led next to “edit mode” light up. You can now turn the reverb and delay off, by turning the controls labeled “feedback”, “level”, and “level” to zero.

Now, exit the edit mode by pressing the stompboxes or effects encoder again. The edit mode led should go out.

At this point, you have a “dry” no effects patch with the amp model of your choice. If you want this patch to be your “default” patch, which comes up every time you power up the amp, you need to save it to bank A, preset 1. Do this by pressing and holding the preset 1 button until the red led next to it blinks once and comes back on.

Updater Version 2.61

Posted: Fri Aug 20, 2010 10:41 am
by Roger Crimm
Here is a newer version of the Vypyr Updater. If you are having troubles with the update, try this one. This is the one I have been using for some time, and have had no issues with it at all.

Edit: I have updated this to version, V2.61. RC-8/4/2011

Beta Software Versions

Posted: Tue Apr 12, 2011 1:44 pm
by Roger Crimm
Due to requests I am posting these here. NOTE-these are beta versions (except for 1.59), use at your own risk!

DO NOT attempt to load any of these into a Vypyr VIP!

If you are going to use the Librarian, I recommend using Version 1.65. If not using the Librarian, I recommend using Version 1.59. Likewise, if any of these betas cause problems, try going back to 1.59.

I am also posting the Updater Instructions.