Kick Drum - PVM 520i

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Kick Drum - PVM 520i

Post by netrecce » Wed Jul 05, 2017 1:47 pm

We mic'd our unported 22" Kick Drum with a PVM 520i and were blown away by the improvement in "balance".

We don't usually mic drums at a small venue. They're plenty loud enough. But this time we mic'd only the kick drum and found the best "Balance" between Toms a Kick very easy find. The best mic location on the unported drum was "Centered" about 4" away from the resonant head. If we put it closer than 4" the PVM 520i picked up unwanted over-ring. But 4" away was ideal. I feel silly for not doing this before.

Love the PVM 520i mic. It may be the most forgotten and under rated drum mic on the planet. :mrgreen:
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