PV14 BT USB Problem

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PV14 BT USB Problem

Post by Greatstuff365 » Fri Mar 29, 2024 2:22 am

Hi, I have just purchased the latest PV14 BT and there seems to be some problems.

I have tried MP3 playback via the USB stick and as well as a very low volume output there is a bit of hiss in the background overall and when using any of the main R right channel outputs there is hardly any volume at all unless I turn up full blast (even then it isn't great) but there is a LOT of hiss especially on the R outputs via the USB playback. 

I first thought that there may be a problem with the R output channels but then tried it again with a mic plugged in and it seemed to work fine, so the problem seems to be when I try playing MP3 tracks via the USB input.

I am able to play MP3 via my other mixer (which is a much cheaper product than this) without any problems and it sounds great with the correct amount of volume coming out of it without the need to turn it up full blast as I have had to do with the Peavey mixer.

So have you any ideas if I maybe doing something wrong here or is this a fault that anyone has came across before on this product?

Also, do you know how to get Bluetooth to work as we have tried pairing and followed the instructions including the pin but nothing, it keeps saying insert USB even thought the switch is set for Bluetooth.

Thanks David

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Re: PV14 BT USB Problem

Post by Bartman » Mon Apr 01, 2024 9:01 am

Can you verify that the problem is not corrupted MP3 files on your USB memory stick? (is it recorded with sound mostly only on the Left channel? ) When you plug it into that other mixer, is it playing true stereo or is it actually mono?

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