PV6 BT Unresponsive

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PV6 BT Unresponsive

Post by Tom4Dance » Fri Feb 02, 2024 11:32 am

I am having trouble with my PV6 BT, currently it is unresponsive, no lights, no sound. It seems it gave out while being used with a loud "pop" from the speakers. When I look at the board I don't see any obvious "smoke" or burn marks. I am wondering what can be the cause of this failure and if it is common for this mixer to fail like this. Is there a simple fix? Or do I need to just buy a new one?

I use the mixer in a dance studio, it is always set up in the same configuration. RCA stereo input for music. Mic input into #1. Output is to the Main Out sending it to Peavey DM115 speakers. Power is from the provided 15V DC converter. We control power from an external switched surge protector. Nothing is every really connected or disconnected, including the power and we don't even touch the power button on the unit.

I see a lot in the forum about failure due to improper power, but we've always used the same DC converter provided by Peavy, and it still sends a 15 V output.

I am a bit curious on how this thing can fail when we operate it in such a consistent manner. Also, any suggestion if there is a hope of getting this thing to work again.


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Re: PV6 BT Unresponsive

Post by Bassguitarist1985 » Thu Feb 08, 2024 7:38 pm

Hey Tom,

Can you measure at the barrel adapter with a multimeter of the power adapter and see if it is putting out 15 volts?

Being a switch mode PSU, it needs a few seconds to charge the internal capacitors before putting a load on it. If you switch from the surge protector and leave the power switch on, there could be a momentary spike in voltage until the PSU essentially starts regulating it's output.

Check the PSU voltage output and we can go from there
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Re: PV6 BT Unresponsive

Post by j0nsnell » Fri Feb 09, 2024 1:40 am

The PV6 requires 15volts AC, not DC.
If you supply it with 15volts DC, it won't work.
There is an internal basic power convertor, within the PV6, that supplies +15, -15 and +48volts all from the 15volts AC supply.

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Re: PV6 BT Unresponsive

Post by jim h » Fri Feb 09, 2024 8:17 am

The PV6BT requires +15V DC.

The original (silver) PV6 and PV8 required 16VAC.

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