Peavey BT 14 Low Levels to DXRs

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Peavey BT 14 Low Levels to DXRs

Post by JetBlack » Sat Sep 10, 2022 4:54 pm

Hello, I've tried all settings but in order for the Yamaha DXR15 speakers to even begin to get loud, gain and levels must be near maxed out on mixer and speakers. I hooked a computer directly to the left DXR RCA jacks and levels are how the should be. XLR from left DXR "limnk out" connector to right DXR "XLR in number 1 Line in" connector tells me it's not a cable or XLR connection issue. DXR loud as heck at 0db with computer. Is it possible the Peavey BT mixer is not compatible with the Yamaha speakers (they are older tech)? Had this same mixer connected to some EV speakers and the sound was so phenomenal my friend bought the BT 10 with AT. I love my mixer but can't get it to work right with the DXRs. Any advice? At unity sound is very low.

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Re: Peavey BT 14 Low Levels to DXRs

Post by jim h » Fri Sep 16, 2022 10:27 am

There should be no problems driving those speakers with a PV mixer. That mixer is capable of putting out +22dBu...that should be more than enough to drive almost anything.

What is your source?

Where are the meters registering on the mixer?

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