PVI 6500 4 Ohm Mains, 8 Ohm Monitor

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PVI 6500 4 Ohm Mains, 8 Ohm Monitor

Post by BucketHorse » Mon Sep 28, 2020 8:07 pm

I have one 8 Ohm non-powered monitor speaker, and two 4 Ohm PV 215 mains.

Referring to the PDF Operating Manual:

If I switch the Power Amp Input Select (15) to the left, and plug the monitor speaker into the Monitor output on the back (46), how can I connect both PV 215s in series to the Main output on the back (45) without risking damage to the amp? They will drop to below the minimum 4 Ohms.

And will the mains be 'less' when connected to only one of the mixer amps?

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