PVi Master IQ / Master Levels switches

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PVi Master IQ / Master Levels switches

Post by Pomponita » Mon Jan 11, 2021 9:42 am

First of all a happy new year to everyone in this forum community. I have an issue with my old PVi portable as follows: As soon as I touch the master EQ switch button or the Main stereo / Main Monitor switch button, one or both of the speakers stops reproducing, and I have to press those buttons slightly once or a couple of times in order to make the speakers work again. It seems like a contact issue , I'm not sure.

Could you please help me out to find out how to fix this?

Would you have a teardown instructions in order to get those switches exposed to check /change them? (I'm not sure how to remoev the control panel buttons, can they be removed by pulling them with fingers / by using pliers?)

Thanks a lot in advanced


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