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Peavey Escort -150 watt Powered PA Sys. w/ DDT & FLS

Posted: Wed Jun 22, 2022 9:28 pm
by Masongotspl
New here, and believe I am within all the rules, guidelines. Written below is my customer support E-mail to Peavey, and some of you probably know that all the incoming mail script needed to see was the word "identify", and boom easy work- it fired out a "please see serial number identification page" E-mail right back at me. The Serial number is non existent, according to this page, which intrigues me even more.

Please, if anyone could tell me what ive got here, I would really appreciate it!

I inherited some audio equipment recently, and I am having a hard time identifying a specific Peavey PA system..
It is kin to the “Escort” family, but I can not seem to find another quite like it on any googlable websites, nor am I able to locate this model in Peavey fourms/ product info pages

The face plate reads:
150 Watt powered Portable PA system
With DDT Speaker Protection

Just above the ESCORT, is of course the 5 Band EQ.
This model is branded 5 band EQ, Equipped with FLS (feedback locating system) US Pat #xxxxxx

The rear side of the unit states the
serial #

Could you please identify this item, and give me some insight why I am not able to locate online.
It could be a case of ignorance to the industry, and my apologies if so.

Re: Peavey Escort -150 watt Powered PA Sys. w/ DDT & FLS

Posted: Fri Jun 24, 2022 11:06 am
by jim h
This is a "second" generation Escort PA is basically the same as the first generation, but with a new paint/color scheme. We are currently on the 4th generation. There have been 3 generations of hardware since the first design, but there was one cosmetic I include it. ... rt2000.pdf

If you review this manual, you'll see yours is identical, beside the color change.

I think the one in this video is the same as yours:

I would guess it was made between 2003 and 2005 or so. I updated the electronics in 2006.