Peavey Pro-15 Mk1 HF driver replacement

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Peavey Pro-15 Mk1 HF driver replacement

Post by Zimmerframe » Sat Mar 06, 2021 7:35 am

Hi all,

I have a pair of older Pro-15 Mk1 speakers, (I am in the UK so these may have been branded differently here to elsewhere).

I am in the process of upgrading them for use as PA speakers with my covers band. I bought these cheaply with an idea to improve them.

I have now replaced the two odd 15" main drivers that previous owners had fitted with a pair of Black Widow 15's. There is a noticeable improvement in sound. They are fuller and more mellow. Both HF coils have also blown at some point. Someone had fitted Eminence asd 1001's in both cabinets. These are screw in types to the existing original plastic horns. What would have been the original fitments? Are there suitable replacements? Would RX22's fit with these speakers?

There is no internal muffling to these speakers, would there be any advantage to fitting any? I guess they weren't muffled when new.

Thanks for any help or advice.
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