PV215D No Sound When Powered On

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PV215D No Sound When Powered On

Post by pvfan123 » Fri Jun 19, 2020 12:49 pm

I have a pair of PV215D speakers. One of them stopped producing sound when connected to a mixer. The fuse on the amp assembly panel and the two other fuses inside the enclosure looked good. I also checked continuity of the fuses using a multi-meter and they are good. I also tried swapping outputs on the mixer and still no sound. I noticed the bottom speaker doesn't hum when on but the working speaker does. I'm a novice so I'm looking for any troubleshooting steps to check if anything is fried on the board and how I can pinpoint the issue. Thanks.

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Re: PV215D No Sound When Powered On

Post by colliedogboy1 » Wed Jun 24, 2020 8:21 pm

Sounds like you are saying that the bottom woofer of one 215D cabinet does not work but the top woofer and the horn do work. The other 215D is perfectly good, right? If that is so, either the bottom woofer is burned out or the crossover output going to that bottom woofer is burned out. If you can, disconnect that silent bottom woofer from the crossover wires and connect a pair of short wires to the woofer. Quickly touch each wire to the terminals of a used (or new) 9-volt battery. You should hear a "pop" or "thump" when you tap the two wires to the battery terminals. If you don't hear that, then that woofer is probably burned out. That bottom woofer is the one that kicks in when the cabinet gets a frequency that's in the subwoofer range (low frequencies), and it is the easiest one to blow for most folks.

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