Wood Combinations used on Cirrus production models

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Wood Combinations used on Cirrus production models

Post by Roger Crimm » Fri Jun 12, 2009 2:39 pm

Wood Combinations used on Cirrus Bass production models.

Top / Body / Neck / Fingerboard

Maple / Alder / Maple/Pau Ferro
Wenge / Walnut / Walnut/Pau Ferro (N/A)
Bubinga / Walnut / Walnut/Pau Ferro
Walnut / Walnut / Walnut/Pau Ferro
Redwood / Alder / Maple/ Pau Ferro
Claro Walnut / Walnut / Walnut / Pau Ferro (N/A)

The Quilt Top is a 5A Quilt Maple top on a Mahogany body. The neck is Birdseye Maple with an Ebony fretboard.

The Peacock Blue and Ruby Red models are a Flame Maple top on Alder Body. The neck is Maple with a Pau Ferro fingerboard.

The Maple necks have Purple Heart stringers. The Walnut necks have Maple stringers.

Tonal Characteristics of Cirrus Bass Woods

1. Wenge: This wood has very crisp highs and good low-mids. Great for slap and funk. Unfortunately it is no longer offered due to a lack of availability.
2. Bubinga: This wood has a more accentuated midrange with a smooth high end and a warm low end.
3. Walnut: This wood has warm lows and low-mids with a smooth high end.
4. Maple: This wood has an even low end with smooth mids and is bright but not edgy or harsh. Very alive and sensitive.
5. Redwood: This wood is very even across the entire tonal range. Similar to the maple but it is lighter.
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