Red Peavey Predator

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Red Peavey Predator

Post by [email protected] » Sat Mar 13, 2021 1:08 am

I bought this peavey predator from a pawn shop. The serial number is 06833341.
What year was this made? What type of wood is the body. What's it worth?
The neck is almost perfect except for one little pen tip sized bump on the
14th fret area. The body has a couple of pen tip sized paint chips that are not very
noticeable. A few fine scratches in the body but nothing major. No cracks on the neck, body
or pickguard. Fret wire is still nice and tall. I have to open the pickguard and spray some contact cleaner
inside the pots and switch and turn them a bit and inspect the wiring. This thing is beautiful and the pickups all read
about 6.2k. It sounds rich and warm.

Please get back to me, thanks.


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