T-60 Blade Pickup Microphonic Howl

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T-60 Blade Pickup Microphonic Howl

Post by GreatPlainsPeavey » Thu Feb 18, 2021 9:22 am

Hi T-60 sages,

Recently I picked up a T-60 that is somewhat of an oddity. The blade pickup in the bridge position has a microphone howl with higher levels of gain, especially with an over drive pedal. The serial number on the headstock is 1,7xx,xxx. I have two other T-60s, natural finish, one with toaster pickups, and another with blade pickups that has a serial number of 1,3xx,xxx. Neither of the other two howl. I can stand right next to the amp, no problem.

Other oddities with this guitar is that the pickguard and switches appear to be what came with earlier models, with the flat switches, dots by the pots etc. It does not have the metal nut. Also, the body on this is somewhat thinner than the other two natural finish T-60s I have.

I like this guitar. It's got similar tone as the other T-60 with the blades, but the howl is annoying. I have to literally get out of the room, or turn down the volume pot for the bridge to make it stop.

The guitar does not appear to have been modified to the best of my knowledge in terms of rewiring.

Does anyone have experience with this variant of the T-60? Any solutions for the howl?


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Great Plains Peavey

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