94 Peavey Predator Upgrades...

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94 Peavey Predator Upgrades...

Post by 06rkguy » Sat Jan 23, 2021 11:31 pm

Hello everyone. I am new to this forum. I have an old 1994 Peavey Predator that I have owned since new. Earlier in 2020 I decided I needed a "covid project" to keep me busy so I did some updates to the old guitar that was pretty much stock. I installed some new "Rose Robusta " pickups from a guy by the name of Ken Rose who makes them in California. They really sound much better then the old stock ceramic ones. These pickups have quite a following online and everyone seems to like them a lot. I also installed a Obsidian blender in the controls that came with a new 5-way switch and output jack. All the parts are very good quality. I also shielded the pickup and control cavities and the back side of the pickguard with aluminum tape. I use a Katana Boss 50 Mk2 amp and can hold the guitar right next to the amp cranked up with almost no noise! Next I am going to replace the tuners with Hipshot locking tuners. the peg holes on the old Peaveys are something like 8mm so I will have to ream out the peg hole. Hipshot makes 10mm tuners and a vintage line that are 8.5mm which would be less work. I watched an excellent YouTube video by Phillip McKnight that explains how to do this without screwing up the guitar finish. The Hipshot company makes tuners that will accommodate various headstock thicknesses. As best as I can tell my measurement on the headstock thickness of my Predator is .59 inch or 15mm which indicates I need the 20mm long tuner posts. Any suggestions on new locking tuners and hoeing out the headstock would be appreciated! I am not going to refinish the body of the guitar as the white color has faded nicely to an antique white that perfectly matches the antique white Fender control and pickup covers I installed plus all the nicks and scratches were done my myself and they all have a story... I'm trying to upload some photos.
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Re: 94 Peavey Predator Upgrades...

Post by dryley » Mon Mar 15, 2021 1:35 pm

Looks real nice!

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