Info needed on my Wolfgang guitar

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Info needed on my Wolfgang guitar

Post by jhw » Wed Sep 08, 2021 9:32 am


I'm in need of help with digging up info on my EVH Wolfgang guitar. I'm thinking of selling this guitar but I don't know the full model name and year of production. Can anyone help me out?

I bought it in 2001 and the serial number is 91017510. Patent 388,117.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Kind regards - Johan
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Re: Info needed on my Wolfgang guitar

Post by davolk » Wed Nov 24, 2021 10:48 am

Hey there. That looks like a USA Peavey Wolfgang Standard Deluxe model in tobacco burst with a stop tail bridge, Peavey's top of the line Wolfgang offering short of the custom shop. I know it's a USA version because your serial number starts with a "9". Peavey issued a lower priced Wolfgang made in Korea called the Wolfgang Special EXP with serial numbers beginning with a "0". Be careful to value your guitar based on the USA model, not the Korean model because there is a huge difference in value. There are USA Specials too so the serial number will tell where it was made. All USA models begin with a "9" and all Korean models begin with a "0". There are other ways to tell that you're looking at a Korean model too, but the serial number is the definitive way.

There is an amazing resource on everything you would ever want to know about the history of these guitars:

The owner of the site, Geoff Knapp, is a wealth of information on Peavey Wolfgangs and HP Specials. However, he hasn't maintained the site in a few years because of some health issues, I think. I have asked him questions via email and he has responded.

If you want to sell it, check out Ebay for what they are going for these days. Since Van Halen's death, the prices have shot through the roof. The only downside of yours is the stop tail bridge, but it should not affect the price too badly. It appears that people in Japan have hoarded these guitars and are now selling them (or trying) for ridiculous prices (maybe because of the monetary conversion rate). Look for the USA based listings to get an accurate idea of market value.

I have two Peavey Wolfgangs: One is a blue USA Standard Deluxe with a tremolo and the other is a red Korean Special EXP (all EXPs had a tremolo). I modded my EXP with a USA Wolfgang bridge and I actually like it and play it more than the USA model. If you have some specific questions, I might be able to answer them myself as I have done a lot of research on these guitars. However, most of what I know comes from Geoff Knapp.

PS - Don't refer to it as an "EVH Wolfgang". After leaving Peavey, Van Halen started his own company with Fender making the Wolfgang (since he owned the name and design) and the new Wolfgangs are called EVH Wolfgangs. Yours is a Peavey Wolfgang. A little history - Van Halen started the Wolfgang design with Ernie Ball Music Man making them for him. So the Peavey Wolfgang is the second in the line of Wolfgangs and by many accounts, the favorite. I've played the Ernie Ball and I love it. I have not played the EVH Wolfgang that came after his relationship with Peavey ended, but I've heard comparisons and it sounds a lot darker and even a little muddy compared to the Peavey.

Personally, I wouldn't sell yours, especially if you are the original owner. You own a piece of guitar history.
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