Kb 300 speakers .?

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Kb 300 speakers .?

Post by Ogbluesman » Sun Aug 04, 2019 9:30 pm

Hi.. this is my first post . .new member... I bought a kb 300 amp a few years back... it's been great.. so last week I came across another kb.300 for sale cheap and couldn't resist . So now I have two of these amps . .so I set them up side by side and the first thing I notice is they have different speakers... one amp has a round 15 inch driver with the silver aluminium center dust category.....no idea what one it is.? And the other amp has what appears to be a 12 inch speaker with the angled frame . .like a stop sign sort of...with a dark color dust cap... so my question is....did these amps come with 12 or 15 inch speaker option originally . .? Or maybe someone has replaced the original 15 inch speaker with a 12 inch ..?..? Also how hard would it be to get an eyeball on the back of the speaker . .so I know for sure what's what.? Any help would be greatly appreciated . ... thanks.. Mike

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Re: Kb 300 speakers .?

Post by Enzo » Mon Aug 05, 2019 6:41 pm

It is a 15" speaker. The silver brushed aluminum frame like a stop sign is a Peavey Scorpion, a good speaker in my mind. The round one with a dark gray frame, is probably a Peavey Black Widow, their premium speaker. Both are great speakers to me.

Both speakers have three big bolts holding the magnet onto the frame. SOmewhere on the frame, a Scorpion would have a label that says something like S15425 or SP15425. The Black Widow would have a sticker like 1505 or 1503, or 150-something.

The frame (also called the basket) of those two are cast metal.

But that is just two of the available speakers, they also made some with plain old stamped basket speakers like thousands of other amps. Stamped frame just means the frame of the speaker is stamped into shape from sheet steel.

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