KB3 doesn't power up

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KB3 doesn't power up

Post by SonicFields » Wed Oct 03, 2018 8:03 am

Hi folks,

Newbie at this forum with some troubleshooting questions.

I have been asked to take a look at a KB3 that doesn't power up anymore. Before it fell out there came a little smoke out of the amp. I allready checked the fuse, and this seems to be fine. My guess is that something in the power section blew out, but there's nothing that looks burned at first sight. What's the first thing you guys would take a look at? Elco's? Rectifier? Transfo?

I allready sent an email to Peavey to get the schematic. My electronics experience is mainly concentrated on guitar pedals, so all help welcome on this one. ;)

Thanks in advance!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, if I measure the main pins of the power socket without plugging it in, I get 18,5 ohm. Hopefully this means the transfo is fine?

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Re: KB3 doesn't power up

Post by Enzo » Wed Oct 03, 2018 11:44 am

It means the primary of the power transformer is not open...nothing more, nothing less.

SO basic troubleshooting. Are there secondary voltages? Are there DC power supply voltages?

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