Database of older amps?

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Database of older amps?

Post by dak » Thu Jul 14, 2022 5:28 am

Is there anywhere a database of older models? Apart from some models having changed over time (like several issues of the KB300), there are also models that just aren't in the stack of old manuals.

For example, I had to use the Internet archive of old Peavey webpages (2002 or so) to dig up information about the KB/A 50 which appears to be more or less a predecessor in spirit to the KB2:
Biamplified 40/10 Watts RMS
Coax 10 inch woofer with 1 inch Ferro Fluid dome tweeter
Channel 1: XLR mic or 1/4 inch line input, level, low & high EQ
Channel 2: 1/4 inch input, gain switch, level, low & high EQ
Channel 3: 1/4 inch input level, low & high EQ
Rear panel monitor input with level control
Headphone jack
XLR balanced line output
Global effects send & return with 1/4 inch jacks
1/4 inch jacks
Compact size and lightweight design

Unpacked Weight: 33.50 lbs.
Unpacked Width: 15.3750 in.
Unpacked Depth: 11.3750 in.
Unpacked Height: 17.75 in.
Packed Weight: 37 lbs.
Packed Width: 17.25 in.
Packed Depth: 13.3750 in.
Packed Height: 19.6250 in.
As a note aside, if you get a hold of one of those, I consider it pretty likely that the tweeter is due for a ferrofluid replacement. But there also is a KB/A 30 that appears to have speakers of the same size, is of somewhat less power and appears to have no current-time equivalent? There is a KB/A 60 that appears to have quite a different input section, but the power amp/speaker section appears to be similar to KB3?

Lots of headscratching here, and particularly finding out the speaker sizes is rather tricky for those previous models: even if there is a manual, you mostly depend on the enclosure size getting specified and then trying to determine speaker size from the pictures.

Is there anything like a data base containing data like the above for older models?

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Re: Database of older amps?

Post by JamesPaul » Wed Jul 20, 2022 2:06 am

Peavey lost their original serial number database in a system crash, I think that was around 2002.

I do not know if they ever had a database of the different amplifiers, as they have evolved over years.

There is a Topic History and Timeline of the Peavey Bandit, but I think that is just due to the popularity of the Bandit.

Your best bet is likely a search of the Forum, reviewing the Archived Owner's Manuals on the main Peavey site, the Internet Archives, or posting a question here.
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