kb2 50 watt or kb3 60 watt

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kb2 50 watt or kb3 60 watt

Post by tcr1030 » Mon Oct 04, 2021 4:10 pm

I am having trouble deciding on which Peavey amp to purchase - the KB2 50 watt or the kb3 60 watt. This is for home use only at this point. I will be connecting a Hammond b3 clone to the amp and also be playing along with mp3's. My living room is approx 350 sq feet with 8 foot ceilings. I want some volume but it doesn't need to be ear piercing by any means. I also have an electric piano but the majority of the louder volumes would be coming from the Hammond and mp3 playing. Any suggestions would be welcome. This would be my first amp purchase and would be replacing some worn out/blown Roland MA 12-C 16 watt powered speakers. Thanks

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Re: kb2 50 watt or kb3 60 watt

Post by Enzo » Tue Oct 05, 2021 10:55 am

Imagine looking at a new car choice. One has a 110 horsepower engine and the other a 120 horsepower engine. Would you expect a real difference in performance? The 50 versus 60 watt difference would not be audible.

I assume these are used amps. SO look at them in terms of condition. In my mind, a older amp in great shape is better than a newer amp that is beat up. DO all the controls work? Or are they noisy/scratchy when turned? DO all features work? I don't recall these models specifically, so if there is a difference in speakers, consider that. If one has a large speaker, it may have a better bottom end for the organ sounds.

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