KBA 100 tech info

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KBA 100 tech info

Post by brianguitars » Sat Sep 04, 2021 3:33 pm

I have a KBA100 combo amp that has a problem, now giving me the silent treatment. Is a schematic available ?, I would have liked to get my hands on a schematic before taking the unit apart and trouble shooting.

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Re: KBA 100 tech info

Post by Enzo » Wed Sep 08, 2021 11:13 am

I don't have that one handy, but [email protected] would.

But why wait? If your car wouldn't start, would you buy the service manual first? I'd be looking for empty gas tanks, dead batteries, etc. A silent amp is probably the easiest problem in an amp. Oh sure, it could be something weird, but first, are the wires on the speaker still? Does the speaker work? Do th power lights come on? Is there any background hum or noise to let you know it is trying to work? You have an insert/patch jack on the front, poke a plug in and out of that a couple times, any help? On the rear is the loop - Preamp Out and Power Amp In jacks. Poke the power amp jack, any help? Better yet, plug a spare cord from send to return there, aanything? You can test the power amp by simply plugging your instrument or other test signal into that power amp jack. There is a headphones jack, got sound there?

And if you can use a schematic, you can at least check for blown fuses inside, and for that matter basic power supply voltages. I am sure the op amps inside run on 15vDC supplies positive and negative. And the power amp, who knows, somewhere in the 35-50v on each polarity. I suspect those will either be missing or right. It is not likely that a 40v rail will be at oh 12v or something.

Yes, I like to have the drawings, but most repairs do not require them.

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