Peavey windsor power amp mod.

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Peavey windsor power amp mod.

Post by Khair » Thu Apr 08, 2021 4:16 pm

Okay, so I've been modding amps for a while as a hobby. I've even built my own amp from scratch. However I recently picked up a peavey windsor as a platform for modding and have run into a snag. Long before I heard about any "marshall" mods I had come across a schematic for the windsor and thought, this could be very similar to a jcm800. So, when I got one to fool with that's what I set out to do. Now what has thrown me for a loop is that after I modded the preamp, no issues. Sounded better than stock but I felt that I needed to go ahead and mod the power amp and change the phase inverter to a long tailed pair. It wasn't that hard to do honestly but after the mod I noticed a HUGE loss of output volume. I have gone over my work at least a dozen times even with a continuity meter and can"t find issues with miss wiring or wrong parts. Has anyone else here experienced this after modding the phase inverter in this amp? I'm kinda at a loss. Any help would be awesome.

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Re: Peavey windsor power amp mod.

Post by Enzo » Thu Apr 08, 2021 8:32 pm

V3 is the phase inverter.

Please tell me you didn't just use both halves of it to make a long tail pair? Pins 6,7,8 WERE the split load phase inverter, while pins 1,2,3 were a gain stage. If you use both halves for phase inverting, you lose that gain stage.

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