Peavey Transfex 112 EFX True Bypass Mod ?

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Peavey Transfex 112 EFX True Bypass Mod ?

Post by NoiseZone » Tue Apr 02, 2024 9:57 am

Hi there.

I´ve done some modification on my Transfex 112 EFX.
Serial speaker out, headphone low power mod...and tried to eliminate the hum from the power transformer (it´s a mechanical hum).
This transformer (705-31754) is hard to find in germany..but for now i can live with this little hum, and save some money ;)

Internal Effects:
So this digital efx cicuit is always "on", and i want to "true bypass" it, with a switch, for pureness analog boutiquesound...
Im a litte confused, i asked peavey for a schematic, but no reply.
I found a transtube 212_EFX schematic here and put it in this thread, must be the same.

On Page 1 (transtube efx preamp), bottom right there is the J5 (Preamp-Board connector) i was looking for...
Pin 8, coming from the Q16 must be the signal send, input ?
Pin 6 is the efx out ?
Pin 7 ???
Pin 9 --> noise_gate ?? wtf is this ?

Im a bit confused or is this the wrong schematic, because this is a transfex 112 amp, and schem says transtube 112_efx :?:

Cant apply attachments --> http error

so here it is: ... drive_link

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