Classic 50 410 in pawn shop?..

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Classic 50 410 in pawn shop?..

Post by jackyjoy123 » Fri Nov 20, 2020 6:58 am


I just saw a classic 50 with 4 10" speakers in a local pawn shop. It looks to be in almost new condition. Its the older style with the rectangular front. There are four speakers that say Peavey on them. I didn't look closer. The tolex is like new and it even has the Peavey logo. The price is $599 but I'm thinking on offering $500. What is the value of one of these? What kind of speakers do you suppose they are? I have a classic 20 and I just love it. This would be the end of the Classic food chain for me. I bet this would put out more volume than I will ever want.

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Re: Classic 50 410 in pawn shop?..

Post by JamesPaul » Sat Nov 21, 2020 12:29 am

Tolex or Tweed? Rectangular front as opposed to the "Cyclops" front?

If it's a first generation Classic 50 410, the speakers are Peavey Blue Marvel's. Probably the same speaker as is in your Classic 20.

Price is always subjective, but where I'm at older Peavey gear often moves for 50% of the original MAP. Rare stuff, like your C20, will go for more and common stuff will often go for less.

If I needed a second C50 410, I'd be thinking about spending ~$400. If the one you are looking at is basically NOS, I would probably go a little higher. But temper all of this with what a C50 410 would be worth to you.
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Re: Classic 50 410 in pawn shop?..

Post by Classic30inCincy » Sat Nov 21, 2020 10:38 am

Agree w/JamesPaul..... :!: :idea: :!: 8) :!: :wink: :!:

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