Moving PS2005 to a New Computer

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Moving PS2005 to a New Computer

Post by pfflamingo » Sat Jan 22, 2011 8:51 am

To Michael Ljunggren and other Forum members:

I am hoping very much I can get help to get a new "locked license" key or somehow else get instructions to get a licensed, working copy of PS 2005 installed on a new computer.

In addition to owning a licensed version of PS 2000 Pro, I have a full, licensed version of PS 2005 Pro that I need to move and activate on a new computer. I have sent five separate communications to Peavey, two or three of them using the page: , giving all the requested information. I have not gotten any kind of response whatsoever.

I have also written to Support more than once regarding this issue and also have received nothing back.

It appears to me that I should be able to get a new "locked hardware key" for my copy of PS 2005 without having to pay for an "upgrade".

I couldn't find anything in the forum that would help me resolve this issue.

I have a copy of the license.txt file I have for PS 2005 (which of course does not work with my new computer) and documentation of proof of ownership for both PS2000 Pro and PS2005 Pro with all of my original purchasing information (original e-mail address, original phone number, etc.).

Any help would be immensely appreciated, I rely very much upon Pristine Sounds for all of my audio work.

Thank you...